How can Guangrao Tire deal with Sino-US trade friction?


35%, this is the export transcript handed over by Shandong Yongsheng Group from January to August. Just a few years ago, Yongsheng Group has been suffering in the US market. On the one hand, the US market accounts for 40% of the entire foreign trade market of Yongsheng Group, which is a pity to abandon. On the other hand, it is the United States' "double anti" investigation, which imposes tariffs.



In the balance, Yongsheng Group decisively abandoned the US market and set out to set up global markets in Africa, South America, and Europe. Planning ahead and planning ahead have given Yongsheng Group its advantage in the current fierce foreign trade export environment, with sales of 1.8 billion yuan in eight months.



Also keeping up the market is Sailun(Dongying) Tire Company. With strong management, continuous basic research and development and technological innovation, Sailun (Dongying) tires quickly seized the first place in the current hot new energy vehicle market. Currently, it is supplying tires to main engine manufacturers such as BAIC New Energy.



"World tires look at China, China tires look at Shandong, Shandong tires look at Guangrao." After years of development, Guangrao County has become an important rubber tire production base in the country. As Guangrao County accelerates the transformation and upgrading of the tire industry and strengthens the company's independent research and development capabilities, compared with internationally renowned brands, Guangrao's tire products have been comparable in performance. However, domestic consumers have not been "waiting" and disapproving, which has always been a problem facing Guangrao tire companies.



In order to better make consumers pay the bill, Guangrao County is distressed, finds the crux of the problem, enlarges the brand with scale, and strives to promote the quality improvement and cluster development of the rubber tire industry. At present, Guangrao County has formed a complete series of upstream and downstream industries supporting natural rubber planting, steel cord, and R & D monitoring. The county's rubber tire industry has 2 well-known trademarks in China and 10 well-known trademarks in Shandong Province. As economic development enters the new normal, the tire industry in Guangrao County will speed up the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, promote mergers and reorganizations, and integrate resources to create 3-5 large and competitive large tire companies, improving the competitiveness and voice of the industry.


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