TIANLI Tire, Shinning Europe

TIANLI Tire, Shinning Europe

The 7-day 'German International Agricultural Machinery' Exhibition was grandly opened at the Hannover Messe in Germany, on November 10, 2019.

The 7-day 'German International Agricultural Machinery' Exhibition was grandly opened at the Hannover Messe in Germany, on November 10, 2019. The biennial Hanover agricultural machinery exhibition is the largest international agricultural machinery exhibition in the world.There converge that the world's top agricultural machinery brand and product. It is vane of global agricultural machinery development. In this exhibition, more than 2,800 exhibitors from 52 countries around the world have participated, and more than 450,000 spectators from more than 120 countries and regions have visited.

Tianjin united tire& rubber international Co.,LTD is carrying a number of the best-selling pattern products that TIANLI agricultural radial tires. Among them, GRASS KING has better performance than the first-line competitors at domestic and foreign markets due to it have excellent performance include that grip traction , slope balance ability, high floating and self-cleaning. Become a star of TIANLI product while deeply loved by European Original Equipment Manufactures(OEMs) and consumers.The products at exhibition, include GRASS KING and R100 tires; AGRO GRIP STEEL BELTED is the main sales force of European high drift tires, perfect be equal to high speed (65 km/h) and overloading requirements of Europe; RIDE KING is new ‘Darling’ that product of the OEMs due to its scientific and beautiful design, and excellent performance; MULTI SURFACE multi-purpose industrial agricultural tires as our new product that debut attracted the attention of many retailers; while the IF1050/50R32 high-elastic tire is the largest tire of our company's current IF series. Under the same inflation pressure, IF tires can increase load capacity by 20%, reduce ground pressure and protect soil. It is the future development trend of tires.Tianjin united tire& rubber international Co.,LTD follows the trend of the industry, and shows the high-end positioning and high-tech content of the TIANLI brand to the world.


At this exhibition, TIANLI brand adopted a consistently bright yellow and white design style, which attracted many agents, partners and potential partners to negotiation. while some international first-line brands’responsible of person with our staff discuss for future cooperation possibilities. Let us look forward to the wonderful results after the exhibition.

During the exhibition, our company and the Western European agents jointly organized the annual meeting of retailers. The meeting introduced the company's history, quality feedback, technical strength, brand positioning, new product development and future development of our company, and introduced our all series products, especially It is engineering tires and port tires.The head of our company also introduced the development status and trends of European agriculture, while TIANLI tire applicable agricultural machinery and market development. Through detailed explanations and questions and answers, the retailers' have deep understand of TIANLI brand and increased emotional exchanges, loyalty, willingness to cooperate. This has improved everyone's development confidence.

Europe is the largest overseas market for TIANLI Agriculture tire and logging tire. TIANLI has long been recognized and favored by European customers. In the future, we will continue to be close to the needs of customers, follow the trend of the market, continue to improve the innovativeness and quality tires, and more investment in product marketing and publicity, while work together with the global TIANLI agent to build TIANLI brand. As soon as possible, TIANLI brand will become the first brand in the market. Let TIANLI brand continue to shine in Europe and bloom in the world.





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